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Evil Cats is a game placed in the future when all cats and dogs get mutated and become more humanoid. Dogs decided to be helpful for humans but cats become evil and want to kill all humans, dogs trying to stop them.

Remember that this game is just a prototype so you can't ask too more from the game. Graphics are too shitty because i don't know to draw and I have a friend who make my graphics but he have some problems.

All you need to do in this game is to spawn dogs to fight cats and protect humans. When you spawn them they'll automatically start to shoot the cats.

You have three types of dogs: dog with pistol, dog with machine gun and dog with shotgun(will be a lot more in next updates). Every dog give his own damage. A dog can die from just having contact with cats and if that happen then you will lose one of the limited number of dogs. When kill a cat you get 20 coins so you can buy more dogs by right clicking on the dog's gun!

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Published1 year ago
Tagscats, Dogs

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Just download it!!!


Evil Cats.zip (9 MB)